Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First draft of one image for final

This is an empty building with an interesting and very noticeable companion. For the final, I plan to create some kind of grid or series or something with various empty buildings that seem to have just been forgotten; I am trying to expand on the Gohlke response. I was thinking of making only the buildings in color to make them the focus of the image and as a sort of attempt to make them more of a focus in reality since they are so ignored. I also am thinking of having another grid (or series or...) as a juxtaposition to this one where the buildings are still empty, but their purpose is to get people's attention because they are for sell or for lease. That is where I am planning to go with the final, and I am very open to suggestions!

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dvisser said...

Hey there, Kathleen,

I think there is rich material here - and a consistent thread with earlier interests. I suggest you gather pictures/locations/buildings in both of the categories you outlined, and then Monday or Tuesday we can look at them together and make decisions about what conversations they catalyze independantly and together.
Great beginning - and I dig the Paul Bunyan. Wow!